Our products

We have over 7,000 advertising displays across multiple static and digital formats including IdentiLites, bus shelters and seats, billboards, tram stations, airports, and car parks.

IdentiLites IdentiLites
If you are looking for an eye catching, round-the-clock advertisement, then IdentiLites are the solution. They are an illuminated advertising display that have been positioned strategically on busy roads to direct traffic to your business.
Bus shelters Bus shelters
Bus shelters
Each day more than two-thirds of Australians spend over 90 minutes travelling. Commuters and pedestrians dealing with high-volume traffic and long, slow commutes can be targeted effectively with Claude Outdoor’s bus shelters and bus seat advertising displays.
Tram stops Tram stops
Tram stops
Claude Outdoor’s premium digital tram stop advertising assets are placed at 13 major tram stops within Adelaide’s CBD. These include Adelaide Railway Station, Botanic Gardens, Entertainment Plaza, Royal Adelaide Hospital and Victoria Square. The advertising displays give your business high visibility with CBD workers as well as tourists and commuters.
Billboards Billboards
Billboards are a traditional and highly effective advertising format. 74% of Australians see a billboard each week. Claude Outdoor’s suite of over 200 billboards is the perfect way to capture the attention of commuter traffic across the country. Claude Outdoor’s billboards are located on high-traffic roads that are spread across the Eastern Coast of Australia and Tasmania.
Airports Airports
Claude Outdoor offers multi-format internal and external airport advertising spaces at airports across Australia. Airport advertising ensures that your campaign reaches a broad range of customers. We are in partnership with Sydney, Avalon, Launceston, and Devonport airports.
Carparks Carparks
Claude Outdoor has digital and static advertising displays placed in various high volume shopping centre car parks across Australia. These assets not only help increase the awareness of your business but also brings you immediate traffic by targeting consumers in a purchasing mind set.