Claude Outdoor is an Australian owned, multi-format, out-of-home advertising specialist. We provide our Councils, other Government and commercial partners with essential street infrastructure and guaranteed income whilst looking after all maintenance and related operating costs of the assets deployed.

We work with local businesses in your local government area to provide them with a highly effective and low cost advertising solution.



Claude Outdoor is proudly located in each State of Australia. We have established partnerships with over 70 Councils and State Government departments nationwide. We have a portfolio of over 7,000 advertising displays including IdentiLites, bus shelters, bus seats and billboards

We are highly experienced in delivering and maintaining complex and large street infrastructure projects for Councils across Australia.

Local focus

Claude Outdoor focuses on providing affordable advertising solutions to businesses within your local area.

Our customers include local veterinarians, childcare centres, schools, and medical practices wishing to expand their customer base by engaging advertising for their business while supporting their customers.

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We have a focus on environmental outcomes and sustainability across all aspects of our business. We work with all of our stakeholders including Councils to ensure environmental targets and obligations are met.


Over the past three years we have upgraded a number of our static assets to digital allowing a wider variety of customers to access advertising and providing Council with their own free communications platform.

This allows Council to provide messages to the local community at no cost including promoting council events. It can also be used by Council as an emergency broadcast platform.

We also engage with many local charities and local not for profit organisations to ensure we are giving back to the communities in which we are located.


Partners we work with