How it works

Do you want to promote your business?

Claude Outdoor’s local representatives are experts in their local areas. They have helped many businesses come up with an advertising plan, which has directly resulted in increased customer traffic for those businesses.

Contact us to help your business grow.

Have you decided on the area you want to advertise in?

Claude Outdoor has a broad portfolio of advertising display types and locations to choose from. Tell us where you are based and we will recommend assets in the most appropriate locations to help you achieve your goals.

Do you have a design for your advertisement?

Don’t worry if you do not have a design or any creative for your proposed advertisement. At no cost, Claude Outdoor’s expert in-house graphics team will work with you to design the creative that will produce the most effective advertisement to achieve your goals.

Production & Installing

What happens once you have a finalised design?

Once your design is finalised the Claude Outdoor team will arrange for it to be printed and installed on the agreed advertising asset. if it is a digital advertisement we will schedule it to go live on the digital network locations you select.

In the case of a printed ad, once the print is ready, it is dispatched to various locations from where a team of contractors will install them on your chosen sites. Once, the artwork is installed, Claude Outdoor will provide you with a detailed proof of posting.


Are you wondering who maintains the sites that your ads are displayed on?

All of our sites are proactively cleaned and maintained frequently by Claude Outdoor’s team, at our own cost. This ensures that your advertisement is presented in the best possible light at all times to ensure the highest level of customer engagement.

Updates & Management

Are you happy with your advertisement?

Claude Outdoor also provides dedicated after-sales services. Our local representative will stay in touch, keep you updated, and make sure that your message continues to work for you.